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bdapps Pro Developer Guide

This guide helps you to create your application from the scratch. This includes the steps from account creation, downloading SDKs, developing to provisioning your application. If you are new to creating BD apps or curious how telco app works this is what you need to read.

bdapps Pro Subscription API Guide

The bdapps Pro Subscription API Guide will provide you all details needed to build a subscription enabled application. You can now develop an application that allows a subscriber to register/ unregistered to or from an application, send subscription notifications and query subscription status.

bdapps Pro SDK Simulator Guide

The simulator guide helps you to set up the simulator of your programming language choice and guides you step by step on how to test your application before you deploy them on the app store. Download this and see how your app works!

bdapps Pro Developer Kit

The developer kit comes with SDKs, Simulator and Sample applications which are need to create bdapps pro applications. You can have the bdapps SDK and test your application in local environment with simulator which has provided along with this bundle.