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1. Use of the bdapps logo or Robi logo for any marketing material carried out by the content partner/developer is strictly prohibited.

2. Mentioning the Robi Axiata Limited name is allowed under the following circumstances

-  When mentioning service availability for Robi customers

-  In the above situation Robi should be used in standard font, non-bold, not in any font that is close to the Robi logo font and the text should be either black or white only.

3. Use of a cooperate/not for profit/private or public organization logo is prohibited, unless or otherwise that emblem belongs to the developer/content provider/organization.

4. Please refrain from using any cooperate/not for profit/private or public organization details for any bad publicity or malicious intentions.

5. Please refrain from using any prohibited adult content, political, religious, racism and gambling content

6. Please refrain from using false information such as apps created can send unlimited SMS/free SMS or any false charging rates.

7. Legal action will be taken on any individual/organization that produces/markets any content that is defamatory to the bdapps brand.

8. Every marketing material must be sent to for approval before it reaches the target audience.(Mention where you will be publishing and the date, along with the marketing material)